Why I Hate the Fiscal Cliff

By Joshua Neiman, Ms. Fenster’s Class

I hate the Fiscal Cliff and here is my Supporting Evidence for it.

Firstly, it is  a cliff. As with any cliff you could fall off and break your face, if you landed on your face. When you run off a cliff it’s not even like you stay up in the air with your feet going and look down and see you ran off a Cliff and then you fall. That is a cartoon! In real life you just fall. That is what The Speaker of Our House John Boehner (BAYner) keeps trying to say on his TV show.

Secondly, it is fiscal, and the promise of our young people lays in not mortgaging their future too much.

News to Me

Thirdly, I forget Thirdly.

Now here is a new paragraph and I am saying the Fiscal Cliff is not a real cliff, it is a thought. But it is like a real cliff because everybody in America could get their face broken, metaphorically. An example of a metaphor is the Albatross in Animal Farm. The President said it and so did The Speaker of Our House. We need to take the Fiscal Cliff seriously because it is no joke.

It looks like we’re going over the Fiscal Cliff even though we don’t want to go over the Fiscal Cliff and John Boehner said he is going to stop us from going over the Fiscal Cliff, only he might not be able to save us from the Fiscal Cliff if President Obama won’t “get serious.” Why won’t President Obama “get serious”? It’s a CLIFF!

What happens if we go over the Fiscal Cliff? Good question. I did some research on Wikipedia and by watching TV and also they made me read the newspaper. So if we go over the Cliff, the Taxes will go up and the Spending will go down. The going down of the Spending sounds good but not in the middle of when everything is Fragile. The going up of the Taxes is a hotly disputed thing in America and you can’t say anybody is “right” or “wrong” because that would be a value judgment. The rich people want to keep them low and the poor people want to make them pay more of their fair share. An example of a rich person is The Speaker and an example of a poor person is The President. Then there are some rich people who actually WANT to pay more like Warren Buffett but they are VERRRRRRRY rich.

Here are some of the Taxes that are being hotly disputed. The Alternative Minimum Tax says if you don’t owe Taxes there is an Alternative that says you do. The Death Tax says if you die you have to pay Taxes ALL OVER AGAIN WHILE YOU’RE DEAD. On his show John Boehner also mentioned the Top Margarine Tax Rate which is a Tax on dairy farmers and their ethanol and that is an example of an Inference I made.

In conclusion you should share if you have more than you need but you shouldn’t be a Communist as we saw in Animal Farm. But it’s a House Divided so they passed a law that said if they didn’t pass a law they would go ahead and hurt The Economy themselves.


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