A Novice Sets Out for Davos

Davos, says the editor. Where? An assignment. Involving what?

Involving the following:

A snowy mountain fastness, high above the flatlands, far from cities and commerce, where you will find a charismatic leader who has drawn followers from all over the earth for the past forty winters; A setting immortalized in a great, dense, holy text, written in the argot of a lost era; Tales of fabulous wealth; A land belonging to the Grey Leagues, where strange languages known nowhere else are spoken; Rumors and counter-rumors, involving mystical objects and secret liaisons, the names of which bear no meaning on the plain; Have you heard of the Hologram of IGWEL?

Is this Tolkien? Am I being sent to cover a cult?

No, says the editor. It’s the World Economic Forum. There you will learn about the future of the world economy, from those that run it. We cannot learn of the future down here. So go.

I’ll pack a bag.

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