Sorry, Derek and Charlize: I Have Other Davos Plans

My friends back home are going to kill me for this. I had a chance to go to events in Davos with New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and gorgeous actress Charlize Theron…and I said no?

That’s right. See, the lunch with Jeter happens to conflict with another lunch that I really want to attend. It’s sponsored by the law firm of Clifford Chance. The topic is “East vs. West: Re-Shaping the World.” To Davosians, this is hot stuff. A “high-level panel discussion exploring the geopolitical and economic forces fundamentally changing the world, with particular focus on the implications for Europe and China.”

People who hear about Davos get the impression that a lot of celebrity-gazing goes on. Not so. First of all, many of the attendees are celebrities, and many of those who aren’t think they deserve to be. And the journalists, who are definitely not celebrities (Tom Friedman excepted), are too afraid of missing a news break to indulge their urge to see Derek or Charlize up close.

Speaking of Charlize–not that we’re on a first-name basis–I’d love to attend her event but there’s a very important networking buffet dinner and panel debate sponsored by the Financial Times that evening. Alas. Such is the life of a Davosian.

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