Bloomberg Billionaires Index Invades Davos

For billionaire hunters, Davos is sacred ground. More than 75 ten-figure tycoons are mingling within the vicinity of the World Economic Forum’s Congress Centre this morning, including U.S. money manager George Soros, Russian metals mogul Oleg Deripaska and Indian energy maven Mukesh Ambani.

Of the scores of billionaires in the Swiss ski resort, more than a dozen are ranked on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily tally of the world’s 100 richest people compiled by Bloomberg News. Their combined net worth is more than $260 billion.

Today, unveils a new web site designed to help readers delve in to all that money. The site, created by Bloomberg Billionaires and Bloomberg Visual Data, is designed to be the most transparent, surprising and visually stimulating look at the super-wealthy ever conceived.

On the new site, users can rank the world’s richest — by net worth, daily change in dollars, daily percentage change, year-to-date dollar change, and year-to-date percentage change — in four different views: Explore, Rank, Plot and Map.

Here’s today index of the richest people on Earth, by dollar change year-to-date, in Explore view.

And here it is by daily dollar change, in Rank view. The biggest gainer was Spain’s Amancio Ortega, who added $1 billion to his fortune yesterday.

Want a graph plotting the net worth of billionaires against the number of children they have? Here it is: That’s Malaysia’s Robert Kuok with the highest net worth-to-children ratio.

Each of the billionaires has a unique profile that allows readers to see an analysis of his or her fortune, including an overview, a net worth summary, biography, milestones and pictures of their possessions.

A reader hovering over a person’s portfolio will discover the size and scope of each asset within his or her fortune. A confidence rating has been included because calculating net worth requires a degree of estimation.

Users can also search by industry, country of citizenship, gender, age, and source of wealth — and any customized combination of those criteria.

Here are some interesting screens:
The richest people in Brazil
The richest women in the world
The richest people in finance
The richest men age 40 to 49
The richest people who inherited manufacturing fortunes

Readers can see how those lists have changed over time. Here’s a look at ranking over the last six months. Notice Amancio Ortega overtaking Warren Buffett as the world’s third-richest man on Aug. 6. visitors also can customize their own wealth ranking. Here’s how the wealth of Brazil’s Eike Batista, France’s Bernard Arnault and Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing looks in the global map view.

The Bloomberg Billionaire Index will continue to expand in the coming months. Meantime, explore the site while we go see what the people on the list are doing around Davos this week.

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