Euro Crisis Drops in Search Rankings — But May Not Be Over

The euro crisis is not on the mind of investors as much as it was over the past two years.

The most recent day for which data is available shows references to “euro” and “crisis” within three words of each other appeared 100 times in Bloomberg News stories. That compares with a median of 314 and a high of 758 on Dec. 8, 2011, the day of a European summit meeting, Bloomberg’s Simon Kennedy reported yesterday.

The number of such references since the Greek-led turmoil began in late 2009 is shown in this graph:

Searches for the term “euro crisis” on Google has followed a similar pattern, as this Google Trends graph shows:

Still, as Kennedy reported, references to the euro crisis dropped at the beginning of 2012 as well, and later in the year surged again. So it may not all be over yet.

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