Quick Look at Facebook’s Filing

Source: Securities and Exchange Commission

Cover of Facebook's prospectus

At last, Facebook’s filing to go public has hit. We’ve posted the entire S-1 document here. Some quick takeaways:

  • It filed to raise $5 billion, as previously reported.
  • Morgan Stanley is lead underwriter, followed by J.P. Morgan and Goldman, Sachs & Co. This we knew.
  • Facebook has 845 million monthly active users.
  • Revenue for 2011 was $3.71 billion, compared with $1.97 billion the year before. Net income was $1 billion, compared with $606 million the year before.
  • Zynga accounted for approximately 12 percent of its revenue in 2011.
  • Competition from Google+, unfavorable media coverage and hacker attacks were listed among the deal’s potential risks.

Read the story. More to come.





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