Conservatives Frightened About Scalia Health Care Vote

The Conservative 50 Plus Alliance, which describes itself as a conservative alternative to AARP, is using the possibility that Justice Antonin Scalia will vote to uphold the Obama health care reform law to spur its members to action.

In an email sent to members on Sunday, the group wrote:

Appointed by Ronald Reagan, Justice Antonin Scalia is the longest serving Justice on the Court and a stalwart conservative. However, expert review of Scalia’s legal opinions regarding the Commerce Clause, suggests he will have a difficult time ruling against the government in ObamaCare.

Patriot, while Scalia’s history is certainly a concern, it should also serve as a lightning rod for Americans to get involved in the ObamaCare debate before the Supreme Court hearings begin — to speak up and out about the unconstitutionality of ObamaCare and the loss of freedom to make our own healthcare decisions.

The email urges members to sign an online petition, which will be “hand-delivered to key members of Congress and the Supreme Court prior to the ObamaCare court hearings.”

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