Top 10 Lies About the Health Care Reform Law

The Tampa Bay Times’ PolitiFact lists the top 10 falsehoods about the Obama health care reform law — and they come from both critics of and defenders of the statute.

The list includes the claim that the law is “a government takeover of health care.” While the law does expand the role of the federal government in medicine, “it relies overwhelmingly on the private market,” says PolitiFact. This one was named the site’s Lie of the Year for 2010.

But it also calls out for ridicule President Obama’s claim that “preventive care . . . saves money for families, for businesses, for government, for everybody.” Some preventative care measures save money, but this sclaim is too sweeping, the site says. A Feb. 14, 2008, article in the New England Journal of Medicine that noted that “the vast majority” of preventive health measures that were “reviewed in the health economics literature do not” save money.

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