McConnell: Commerce Clause a ‘Relic’ if Health Care Law Upheld

If the Supreme Court upholds the Obama health care reform law, it would render the Commerce Clause “a relic of ancient times,” U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Bloomberg News reporter Kathleen Hunter today.

If the court upholds the law, “could the federal government then order you to eat carrots? Could it order you to quit smoking? Could it order you to lose weight? Because all of those decisions you could make could arguably have an effect on the cost of health insurance for someone else,” McConnell said.

“Obviously none of us know what the Supreme Court will do. But it strikes me that if this is permissible under the Commerce Clause, the Commerce Clause is essentially gone. That it’s meaningless and kind of a — a relic of ancient times,” he said.

Senate Republicans will move to repeal the 2010 health care law “at the earliest possible moment” if they win control of the chamber in November, he said.

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