Candidates & Business Have Much Riding on Health Care Outcome

Bloomberg News’ Mike Dorning reports the Supreme Court’s ruling on health care — expected in late June — will have a significant impact on the Presidential election campaign:

Striking down the health-care overhaul that President Barack Obama pushed through Congress would be a blow to the legacy of a president who used to teach constitutional law and who pursued the health legislation at a heavy political cost — the Democrats lost control of the House in the next election.

It also may bring into sharp relief the nation’s partisan divide. The law passed Congress on a party line vote, and the court may also divide between its Republican and Democratic appointees when it rules.

Still, in a testament to the depth of voter concern about the economy, academic experts and political strategists say they expect the decision to generate mostly short-term turmoil rather than a sea-change in the presidential race.

In the Wall Street Journal, Janet Adamy, Jess Bravin and Anna Wilde Mathews report that if all or part of the law is struck down:

Insurers would have to ditch changes to their businesses designed to bring in millions of new customers. Provisions that have already gone into effect, including letting children stay on their parents’ insurance plans until they turn 26, would no longer be required.

Companies facing the law’s requirements would be reprieved, including health firms set to pay new taxes and businesses that would have been required to insure their employees or pay a fee.

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