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Mark Gimein

Mark Gimein is Companies and Markets editor at, and lead writer for the Market Now blog and newsletter. He is a journalist with 15 years of experience covering the economy, and two time winner of Business Journalist of the Year awards.

Jukebox Spins

Photographer: Cooper Photo/Corbis

Jukebox makers once argued that they, too, were just spinning records and didn't need to pay royalties. That changed in 1978.

A Supreme Court Smackdown for Aereo’s Magic TV Machine

Aereo was at the Supreme Court today, arguing that what it’s doing is wholly legal, and it can keep doing it without paying any money to the folks whose programming it captures and sends over the Internet. This argument has...

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18th Century Aristocracy

Michel Barthelemy Olivier, "Thé a l'Anglaise" via Getty Images

The great aristocratic fortunes of the 21st century rival those of Louis XV. And beheading is rarer.

If Capital Grows This Fast, How Come Fortunes Disappear?

Thomas Piketty presents a theory of capital accumulation with some awfully optimistic investment assumptions. A lot of heirs believe their inherited wealth will last forever; a fair number of them end up broke.

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