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How Much Does the U.S. Government Spend?

What you see depends on where you look. The longer line shows White House calculations of money spent.1 The shorter line gives totals from the Census Bureau.Click on each year’s column for agency-specific data.

FY 20002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120121.$4 trillionFY 2012White House: $3.33 trillion
Agency name
FY 2007 White
House Estimate
FY 2007 Census
Bureau Estimate
Percentage Difference
Census vs. White House
Health and Human Services $672 billion $699 billion  4%Social Security 621 628  1Defense 579 618  6Agriculture 84 87  3Veterans Affairs 72 81  11Education 66 70  5Treasury 64 52-19  Transportation 61 80  30Labor 47 48  2Housing and Urban Development 45 43-5  Homeland Security 39 33-15  Justice 23 13-42  Energy 21 26  25State 13 3-73  Interior 10 13  28Commerce 6 6  4

Notes: Fiscal years end Sept. 30.
1White House estimates reflect net dollar values for funding transfers between agencies and include overseas spending. Totals for fiscal 2011 and 2012 are based on figures submitted by the agencies.
2The Census calculations don't account for inter-agency transfers and don't include spending abroad. They include funds that are obligated to be spent even if they haven't yet been spent. Those amounts aren't in the White House totals. The Census discontinued its annual spending report after fiscal 2010, citing yearly savings of $700,000.
*FY2013 data reflect the president's spending proposals. Actual spending authority will be set by Congress.

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