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London 2012: Battle of the Brands

The London 2012 Olympic Games may have been the most commercial ever. The U.K.’s investment is expected to bring 13 billion pounds ($20.3 billion) in extra revenue to the country, and Goldman Sachs says the event may boost the U.K. economy by as much as 0.4 percent this quarter. Still, those standing to gain most from the Games may be the sharpest corporate sponsors. While some opt to pay for the exclusive rights to Olympic trademarks and a guarantee that only their products are sold at Olympic venues, others try to make the most of individual athletes’ success by supporting them personally and then sharing the limelight with the medallists.

The medal count is drawn up according to which brand was supporting each medallist. It shows a different set of winners from these Games – those with the best eye for spotting the best athletes.

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