Mitt Romney Sure Knows His Math

As Bloomberg’s Julie Davis astutely pointed out in her piece this morning, Mitt Romney is doing well in math, but not so well in chemistry. Romney added at least another 148 delegates to his total take in last night’s Super Tuesday contests, and is almost half way to the 1,144 delegates he needs to win the Republican presidential nomination. But he just isn’t connecting with voters — especially his party’s base — according to exit polls. So much for chemistry.

Yet that lack of a connection hasn’t hurt the other math Romney excels at… racking up big numbers in fundraising. He has out raised and out spent all of his opponents.

This morning we learned that in February, according to spokeswoman Andrea Saul, Romney hauled in $11.5 million, his second-biggest monthly take after December 2011.

Add that to his obvious commanding lead in the super-PAC battle — Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney PAC, started February with about $16 million in cash, 26 times more than its chief competitor’s camp — and, well, you do the math.

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