Magic Number of the Day: 107,000

Photograph by Damon Winter/The New York Times/Redux

Mitt and Ann Romney at his election night rally in Schaumburg, Illinois, on March 20, 2012.

That’s Mitt Romney’s approximate vote margin of victory over Rick Santorum in yesterday’s Republican presidential primary in Illinois, according to a nearly complete tally of votes by the Associated Press. It was one of Romney’s most sweeping victories in the nomination race to date, a win that netted him about 42 of the 54 delegates that were at stake even though Romney won less than a majority of the vote, 47 percent to 35 percent for Santorum.

Romney has run stronger in populous jurisdictions than in rural areas and Illinois was no exception: he won a statewide high of 57 percent in Cook County, which includes Chicago and is the state’s most populous voting jurisdiction. He had 56 percent in Lake County, just north of Cook, and 54 percent in DuPage, another Chicago suburb. Cook, Lake and DuPage together cast about 39 percent of the statewide vote, and Romney’s vote margin was about 103,000, or about 96 percent of his statewide margin of 107,000.



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