Nugent Eyes Hunt with Romney

Photograph by LM Otero/AP Photo

Ted Nugent with his hand gun on his ranch near Crawford, Texas.

Imagine Mitt Romney killing a 10-point buck with a bow and arrow.

Ted Nugent does.

And he’d like to show Romney how.

Nugent, the gun-loving rock n’ roller who told the National Rifle Association that he’ll either be dead or in jail this fall if President Barack Obama is re-elected, also is an accomplished bowhunter. (The Secret Service was paying him a backstage visit at his concert in Oklahoma today following his comments for the NRA about the “criminals” who run the country; he maintained he was threatening no one.)

In an interview with Petersen’s Bowhunting, Nugent had a few more things to say about those remarks shared with the NRA. A reader wanted to know: “What did you really mean when you said you would either be dead or in jail by this time next year if Obama is re-elected?”

“I speak for Americans who are tuned into the outrageous growing threat from an increasingly out-of-control government and who fear their government,” Nugent said.

(He cited several instances of government run amok, ranging from arresting “sporters for killing their bag limit of bullfrogs with a bow and arrow because it is not an authorized weapon to kill bullfrogs with”  to ” jackbooted” agents “storm-trooping law-abiding” hunters to those raids on Gibson guitars for hardwood.)

Bowhunting’s “Bonus Question” for Nugent involved his plans for “a presidential hunt on the Nugent ranch” if Romney wins the White House in November.

We are actually talking about that,” Nugent replied. “I will be hunting every day as usual all September, October, November, December, January, February and March, so I would welcome self-evident, truth-driven patriots including our new president and his family. ”

With thanks to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets for pointing out that Bowhunting magazine that we’re not accustomed to reading — though the Secret Service may start subscribing now.

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