Kardashian, Obama, Spielberg and Kimmel

In his debut at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner as president of the United States, Barack Obama poked fun at his own sometimes-mocked teleprompter — “Good evening,” he read aloud to the assembled black-tie  dinner crowd, “pause for laughter.”

Last year, dueling with comedian Seth Meyers over jokes delivered from the rostrum, Obama played it cool while U.S. special forces prepared for a secret helicopter raid the next day that killed Osama bin Laden hiding in Pakistan.

This year, much of what we know about the dinner so far is that Kim Kardashian is expected to appear, again.

The annual ritual, a convergence of some of the nation’s most powerful politicians, media moguls and mere reporters and some of Hollywood’s stars, starlets and gown-or-tux-stuffing, will play out Saturday night at the Washington Hilton. Think of it as stage competition for Saturday Night Live.

Movie producer Steven Spielberg, a recent regular, is expected. So is actor George Clooney.

The red carpet will feature Elizabeth Banks, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Anna Paquin — you don’t really have to ask, do you? Plus Reese Witherspoon, Diane Keaton, Daniel Day-Lewis and Martha Stewart.

And, of course, the president of the United States, fresh from a televised “slow-jam of the news” with comedian Jimmy Fallon, as the president’s prepared remarks competes with prepared remarks from comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

At that debut three years ago, the president said: “I don’t want to be here tonight, but I knew I had to come — just one more problem that I inherited from George W. Bush.”

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