Reservoir Capital Co-Founders Differ Over Senate Control

Here’s something Democratic and Republican Senators can agree on: they both have a friend in high places at Reservoir Capital Group.

Daniel H. Stern, a co-founder of the Manhattan investment firm, donated $30,800 on March 31 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is in charge of defending the Democrats’ Senate majority in the November election. Another co-founder, Craig A. Huff, gave $30,800 on March 5 to its partisan opposite, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is working to overturn the Democrats’ 53-47 seat edge.

The donations were disclosed on March campaign finance reports by the DSCC and NRSC. The $30,800 figure represents the maximum amount an individual donor may give to a national party committee in a calendar year.

Stern is a frequent donor to Democratic organizations and candidates including President Obama. Huff donated to Mitt Romney, Obama’s presumptive Republican opponent, in August 2011.

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