Romney Raising Money Behind Closed Doors

Mitt Romney is hard at work today trying to unseat President Obama, but don’t expect to see him at a rally or town hall in a battleground state.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee is instead busy raising money in New York City behind closed doors. With the President holding a significant cash advantage over Romney ($115M vs $9M at the end of April), the former Massachusetts Governor is spending almost as much time fundraising right now as he is campaigning.

Since the start of May, Romney has held 15 public events and at least 14 fundraisers based on a review of his public schedule and media reports.

Most Romney fundraisers are private and reporters aren’t allowed access, so the number of fundraisers could be even higher.

Sunday night he participated in a fundraiser in Greenwich hosted by Connecticut state Senator L. Scott Franz. His first fundraiser today took place in the heart of Wall Street at Bayard’s Downtown. The guests included New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. After that Romney headed to a lunch at the Waldorf-Astoria, with at least one more fundraiser scheduled in New York on Tuesday.


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