Romney to Visit the Adelson Bank

Photograph by Jerome Favre/Bloomberg

Sheldon Adelson, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp.

What’s paid in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.

Consider the $20 million that Sheldon Adelson gave to the super-PAC that promoted Newt Gingrich’s failed candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mitt Romney, who today expects to amass the delegates needed for the party’s nomination with the primary election in Texas, certainly will be considering that money when he meets with Adelson, the billionaire casino owner, during a fundraising trip to Las Vegas.

Adelson is the 17th richest person in the world, according to data compiled by Bloomberg — with $22 billion today. That’s just a notch, albeit a sizable one, ahead of the Democratic campaign angel, billionaire George Soros, whose net worth is estimated at $21.9 billion.

Gingrich, in ending his “wild ride” of a campaign on May 2, also singled out for thanks Adelson and his wife, who gave $20 million to that super-PAC supporting Gingrich.

Romney’s trip to Vegas includes a fundraising event with Donald Trump, who may be wealthy in his own right yet is not ranked on Bloomberg’s list of the richest 40 in the world. And, as Bloomberg’s John McCormick and other reporters traveling with Romney today have learned, Romney will pay a visit to Adelson as well.

Romney will meet with the Las Vegas Sands CEO in his office at the Venetian hotel, according to a Romney aide not authorized to discuss the matter — confirming an earlier report by CBS News.

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