Romney’s ‘Own Words’ in Spanish

Photograph by Todd Heisler/The New York Times via Redux

Mitt Romney campaigns in Naples, Fla., focusing on jobs and the economy in order to make inroads with Hispanic voters in Central Florida.

Before this election contest is finished, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will have had a heaping taste of their own words — in English, and in Spanish, too.

Romney’s often-replayed remark about the very poor — “that’s not my focus” — will play in Spanish-language campaign ads in Florida. It’s part of a new campaign which the Obama-allied super-PAC, Priorities USA, and the Service Employees International Union say they’re putting $4 million behind this summer in Florida, Colorado and Nevada:

Romney “en sus propias palabras” — in his own words.

“He’s not thinking about us,” a woman in one of the SEIU-sponsored ads airing in Florida says of Romney. A man adds: “It’s easy for him to say that since he doesn’t have the same necessities as us.”

“Mitt Romney made millions of dollars leaving thousands of people without work,” the ad states, closing with “Mitt Romney:  His words say it all.”

As Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev reports today, there’s a good reason why both Obama’s allies and Romney’s are airing ads in Spanish in a few key swing states. Obama claimed 67 percent of the Hispanic vote in his contest against Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona in 2008, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of exit-polling.

And Obama won 57 percent of that voting bloc in Florida, which goes a long way toward explaining why he carried the Sunshine State in 2008. (Former President George W. Bush had carried 56 percent of Florida’s Hispanic vote in 2004, when he defeated Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts in the state.)

Eliseo Medina, SEIU secretary-treasurer, said in an issued statement: “When Latinos hear Romney, in his own words, they really know what’s going on and what he is saying. They know what he means. And what it would mean for their families if he were to be elected president.”

Priorities USA and the union say the $4 million ad campaign will begin running in Colorado, Nevada and Florida starting this week.

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