Colbert Dethroned, Another Super-PAC Boasts

Photograph by Richard Ellis/Getty Images

Comedian Stephen Colbert hosts a rally at the College of Charleston.

Comedian Stephen Colbert’s “A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” is probably the best-known super-PAC among the subset of mocking groups that have sprung up this election cycle.

But it’s no longer the best-funded one, another group claims.

CREDO super-PAC announced in a press release that it has surpassed Colbert’s group in terms of amount raised, $1.24 million as of today, a few thousand bucks more than A Better Tomorrow. All without the benefit of a national TV show, CREDO notes in its release.

The San Francisco-based “grassroots” super-PAC is tied to a mobile-phone company of the same name and is working to oust 10 “Tea Party Republicans,” including Representative Allen West of Florida and Representative Chip Cravaack of Minnesota. CREDO says its money comes from more than 38,000 donors and is being used to employ 36 organizers and maintain field offices in the targeted districts.

CREDO is so excited about dethroning A Better Tomorrow that it is sending Colbert a consolation prize — a T-shirt that says “Overturn Citizens United” and features and upside-down elephant.

Citizens United is shorthand for the 2010 Supreme Court decision that enabled independent political groups to collect unlimited sums from corporations and unions, paving the way for super-PACs.

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