Eye of the Storm: Ready for Fourth

A refreshing calm settles over a city approaching 100 degrees.

The president is off to Camp David this weekend, down until the Fourth of July.

There’s a reason Franklin Roosevelt called it Shangri-la — it’s at least 10 degrees cooler in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park woods, the 1,800-foot elevation retreat for presidents. Fortunately for all who followed him, Dwight Eisenhower renamed it Camp David.

President Barack Obama’s Republican rival, Mitt Romney, is off to his own lakeside home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, down too for much of the week.

We’ll see them again on the Fourth of July, Obama celebrating Independence Day in Washington, Romney likely at a small-town parade in New Hampshire — where the latest polls portray a “dead heat. ” (Want to know a dead heat? Step outside in Washington today.)

It’ll be a measure of their ability to refrain from combat for a few days to see if they can make it to the Fourth without issuing a broadside or two. Their campaigns are busy at that, pumping out the fundraising e-mails for the close of the June fundraising period tonight — Obama asking you to “have his back” on health care, Romney pledging to repeal it.

For now, crews are picking up trees felled by thunderstorms that rocked the Washington area overnight, and Obama has returned from a survey of  wildfires consuming Colorado.

The president taped his weekly Internet and radio address from Colorado Springs, a tape playing today with an appeal to that sense of what Americans hold in common:

“One of the things I’ve done here, in addition to saying thank you to these firefighters, ” Obama says, “is to let them know that all of America has their back.”

“One of the things that happens, whether it’s a fire here in Colorado, or a tornado in Alabama or Missouri or a flood or a hurricane in Florida, one of the things that happens here in America is that when we see our fellow citizens in trouble or in difficulity, we come together as one American family, as one community.”

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