Barney Frank Weds, Pelosi Spins to ZZ Top (with `Outsourcer-in-Chief’)

Photograph by Josh Reynolds/AP Photo

Rep. Barney Frank and his partner Jim Ready in Newton, Mass.

Wedding bells rang for Barney Frank this weekend.

The first sitting member of Congress to have a same-sex marriage called for a unique celebration.

Nancy Pelosi dancing to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” qualifies as unique.

(And here’s a sign of the political  campaign times: Call up a YouTube of ZZ Top live in Texas and start with a Web-ad by President Barack Obama labeling Republican rival Mitt Romney “outsourcer-in-chief.”)

In the year in which the first sitting president of the United States has voiced personal support for same-sex marriage (it took Bill Clinton years to say he was wrong about opposing it), the marriage of the retiring representative from Massachusetts to longtime partner Jim Ready seems like a bookend of sorts. Or simply another wedding in the first state to recognize such a union?

It’s another milestone that matters to millions of Americans. Money poured into Obama’s campaign when he announced his support for gay marriage, making May 9 one of the top fundraising days of his re-election effort. Federal Election Commission reports show his campaign collected $1.8 million, more than six times as much it did the previous day.

“It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama said in an ABC News interview, portions of which first aired May 9 and was broadcast again May 10. Throughout his first term, he had said, his views on the issue were “evolving.”

Frank, 72, and. Ready, 42, who met at a political fundraiser in 2005, married in Newton, Massachusetts, on the banks of the Charles River in Frank’s congressional district.  Governor Deval Patrick officiated. The guest-list included  Pelosi, Senator John Kerry and Representatives Dennis Kucinich and Steny Hoyer.

Frank and Ready vowed to love one another “on MSNBC or on FOX…”

And “In Congress or in retirement.”

Pelosi, the House minority leader and former speaker from California, took a turn on the reception dance floor with Frank’s best man, Terry Bean.


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