Obama: Extend Middle-Class Tax Cut

Photograph by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Supporters with President Barack Obama in Sandusky, Ohio.

Updated at 7:05 am EDT

As the “fiscal cliff” approaches at year’s end, President Barack Obama and surrogates plan a coordinated campaign to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for American families earning less than $250,0oo a year.

The push for a one-year extension of the tax cuts ending this year starts today.

“We need to give middle-class families the certainty that they need and deserve,” Robert Gibbs, a former Obama White House press secretary, said this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Obama and surrogates in swing-states plan to contrast Obama’s approach and that of Republican Mitt Romney toward the middle-class with a series of events, according to an Obama aide speaking on condition of anonymity. It starts with a statement from the White House today.

Republican congressional leaders have a different agenda: extending all of the Bush tax cuts set to expire at year’s end — they’ve already been extended once, for two years. The debate is part of a larger issue involving the next increase of the nation’s debt limit and spending cuts set to automatically take place at year’s end.

The president has a planned campaign trip to Iowa on Tuesday.

Obama is planning local television interviews there as his campaign stages events in New Hampshire, Colorado and Florida, according to the aide. The president will campaign in Virginia later in the week.

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