Bloomberg by the Numbers: $140.3 million

Photograph by John Tully/Corbis

Mitt Romney in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

That’s how much money that a joint fundraising committee aiding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and allied political committees raised in April, May and June, it said yesterday in a filing to the Federal Election Commission in Washington.

The committee, Romney Victory Inc., began July with $57.7 million in the bank after transferring $53 million to the Republican National Committee, $15.8 million to Romney’s campaign and $80,000 to four state Republican organizations. It spent $13.3 on operations, including $7.2 million to Targeted Victory of Alexandria, Virginia, for digital consulting services.

Bloomberg’s Jonathan Salant looks at some people who donated to the pro-Romney effort.

Here’s a look at some Bloomberg stories about the election and the economy:

BAIN PAIN: Some Republicans want Romney to respond to attacks by President Barack Obama and his surrogates by revealing more information about his taxes and his background at Bain Capital LLC, the Boston-based private equity firm Romney once led, Lisa Lerer writes.

RAISING FOR ROMNEY: A super-PAC that backs Romney raised $20 million in June, Julie Bykowicz writes. The PAC, Restore Our Future, took $10 million from the billionaire casino executive Sheldon Adelson.

DUELING DONORS: Texas is a major source of campaign cash for Republican candidates, though Democrats are looking to collect big checks from state donors like Steve Mostyn, a Houston trial lawyer who gave $1 million in May to a super-PAC that backs Obama’s re-election. Bykowicz writes about Mostyn and a dueling Republican donor, Bob Perry, a Houston homebuilder who’s given millions of dollars to super-PACs.

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