Obama’s Jobs Panel: Members Only

Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Ursula Burns, chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox Corp.

Written by Molly Shiels

The campaign fuss over the president’s Jobs Council — the one that hasn’t met for several months — led to a new question today:

Does the White House even know who is on its Jobs and Competitiveness Council?

Bloomberg reached out to every member of President Barack Obama’s Jobs Council.

At least, we thought they were members. Using the White House’s own Web-site for the council chaired by General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt , one of the names listed under “Members” is Ursula M. Burns, Chairman and CEO of Xerox.

Well, apparently she isn’t a member.

A representative from Xerox tells us Burns is an “ex-officio member” and has “never attended a meeting.”

Xerox has asked the White House numerous times to take Burns’ name off the Web-site, but alas, her name was still there today.

Burns, however, is an active member of the Export Council.




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