Supreme Court Health-Care Ruling Primed Obama’s Fundraising Pump

Photograph by William B. Plowman/Redux

Demonstrators on the steps of the Supreme Court show their support for the Affordable Care Act.

That high court health-care ruling unleashed some political money.

By the numbers, it apparently went better for the president.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s June 28 ruling upholding the core of President Barack Obama’s health-care law proved financially profitable for both the incumbent and Romney, the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, who has vowed to repeal the law.

Obama, who raised $45.9 million for his re-election campaign last month, collected more than $1 million a day on June 28, 29 and 30, Federal Election Commission records show.

The president reported only one million-dollar day before then, two days before the ruling.

The $1.7 million that Obama raised on the ruling day, June 28, was surpassed only by the $2.4 million brought in on June 30, two days after the ruling.

Romney also had a good fundraising day on June 28 — $1.5 million, second only to the $1.6 million he raised on June 1.

His only other million-dollar day had been June 4.

After the high court’s ruling,  however, donations dropped off. Romney reported collecting just $900,000 combined on the last two days of the month, according to his FEC report.

These figures don’t align with what the Romney campaign was claiming at the time: Campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul reported in a Twitter message on June 29 that Romney had raised $4.6 million in 24 hours.

The reason, the Romney campaign says today, is that a lot of the money that flowed in came in donations of $200 and less, which aren’t reported day by day in the FEC reports. The Romney campaign reports $9.9 million in $200-or-less donations in June, its collections for the month totaling $33 million.

Obama’s $45.9 million in June included $12 million in contributions of $200 or less.

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