App World 2012, Obama-Style

Photograph by Joel Kowsky/Bloomberg

An Obama 2012 election campaign app.

“Put down the clipboard” says the video pitch to supporters, and that pretty much sums up the latest wave in grassroots campaign organizing.

The Obama campaign today is launching a smartphone app that lets users:

*Access lists of voters in their neighborhoods to canvass prospective supporters and submit feedback to the campaign in real time.

*Make donations from their phones.

*Find localized information about campaign events, the president’s record and state voter ID laws.

*Sync to email and social networking sites to share information about the campaign with friends.

The app is available for iPhones and will soon be available for Androids, the campaign said, in an announcement that includes a video explaining the app.

Since the 2008 election, Obama’s campaign has taken pride in being an early adapter when it comes to social networking and integrating Twitter, Facebook and other resources to organize supporters and build its small-donor network.



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