Bloomberg by the Numbers: 9.6 million

Photograph by Kathleen Voege/Getty Images

The annual Pulaski Day Parade in New York City.

That’s the number of Americans who claim some Polish ancestry, according to a 2010 estimate by the Census Bureau. More than five percent of residents claim Polish ancestry in Michigan, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is finishing up a weeklong foreign trip today in Poland, following stops in England and Israel.

Here’s a look at some other Bloomberg stories about the election and the economy:

REPUBLICAN FUNDRAISING: House Republicans in the most competitive re-election hope their parlay their advantages in fundraising into victories in the Nov. 6 election, Jonathan Salant writes.

MUDSLINGING FATIGUE: Voters are discouraged by the negative campaigning from both sides in the presidential race, Kate Anderson Brower writes. A Virginia woman who aided President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign said she isn’t sure if he will vote to re-elect him, saying she hasn’t paid much attention to the race and is “tired of all the mudslinging.”

HOUSING RECOVERY?: Orders for new homes are rising at the fastest rate in two years, John Gittelsohn, Prashant Gopal and Noah Rayman write.



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