Romney’s Rough-Edged Tour Ends With Aide Cursing at Reporters

Photograph by Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Mitt Romney at The Gdansk Old Town Hall, in Gdansk, Poland, on July 30, 2012.

Updated at 10:25 am EDT

The home cable TV-view of Mitt Romney’s trip abroad hasn’t been kind to the candidate.

It closes today with the cable headline crawl: Romney Aide Curses Reporters.

Combine a candidate who tripped up on his statements about security preparations for the Olympics in London, and who offended Palestinians with remarks about the more advanced “culture” of the Jewish people in Jerusalem, with a traveling press corps denied much access to that candidate for questioning during a week-long trip and you get:

Romney, making his way to his limousine after a visit to a military memorial in the Polish capital, peppered with shouted-out questions.

“Governor Romney, do you have a statement for the Palestinians?”

“What about your gaffes?”

“Governor Romney, do you feel that your gaffes have overshadowed your foreign trip?”

“Show some respect here,” Romney press aide Rick Gorka tells reporters.

Then a complaint is voiced about not being able to ask questions.

“Kiss my a–,” Gorka tells a reporter.

“Shove it,” he says.

“This is a holy site for the Polish people,” the aide explains, the irony lost here. “Show some respect.”

You can click through see the full video from ABC News on YouTube. (Unfortunately, ABC has disabled embedding and we can’t include it in this post.)

Gorka apologized later for losing his cool.

But the closing clips of Romney’s trips have left a bookend tale of rough edges around a three-nation tour that was intended to portray Romney as a statesman.


And Romney didn’t appear ready to smooth over an encounter with reporters that actually might play well among some of his party’s base back home. Romney said this in an interview with Fox News after the episode at the war memorial:

“I realize that there will be some in the fourth estate, or in whichever estate, who are far more interested in finding something to write about that is unrelated to the economy, to geo-politics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in Afghanistan today, to a nuclearization of Iran. They’ll instead try to find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country.”

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