Team Romney Wins Money Race For Third Month

Photograph by Matthew Staver/The New York Times via Redux

Supporters at a Mitt Romney event in Golden, Colo., on Aug. 2, 2012.

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney and his Republican allies have out-raised President Barack Obama and the Democrats for a third consecutive month.

The campaigns reported their July fundraising numbers this morning: $101.3 million for Romney Victory and more than $75 million for Obama Victory.

Romney’s campaign reported in a news release it had received 600,627 contributions under $250. Obama’s campaign, which announced its numbers on Twitter, said it had 761,000 total donors in July.

The fundraising totals last month were  similar to what the campaigns reported for June and May, with Romney’s team ahead each time.

Each candidate’s victory team also includes his national party and a handful of state parties. July fundraising reports, which identify donors and itemize expenses, are due to the Federal Election Commission on Aug. 20.

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