Mr. President, Meet Mr. Chile

Photograph by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

President Barack Obama with owner Virginia Romero, left, as he orders breakfast from her son Robert Romero, right, during an unannounced visit to Romero's Cafe & Catering in Pueblo, Colorado, on August 9, 2012.

President Barack Obama, hoping to energize Hispanic voters in the swing state of Colorado, started his campaign morning in Pueblo today at Romero’s Cafe, which advertises itself as the “Home of Mr. Chile.”

“I hear you guys got solid breakfast burritos,” Obama told owner Robert Romero — aka Mr. Chile.

Romero, who took over the business from his mother, wore a black chef’s cap painted with neon chiles. The president ordered a few items to go, including chili, a breakfast burrito and house enchilada special. No onions, he said — because later in the day he’d have to be “kissing babies and stuff.”

After his photo-op with the Hispanic owners, the president made the rounds, chatting with patrons.

One, John Volk Jr., 64, told Obama he is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Obama gave Volk a prized gift for a veteran, a presidential coin. Volk was touched, and told a reporter he’d keep it in the box with his war medals.

Asked if he’d vote for Obama in November, however, he said, “No comment.”

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