Obama’s Romney-Ryan Response: `The Choice Couldn’t be Clearer’

The Obama campaign was ready today with its own introduction of Paul Ryan, the House budget chairman from Wisconsin whom Republican Mitt Romney introduced as his running mate: “Paul Ryan is the mastermind behind the extreme GOP budget.”

That’s the theme of a minute and a half of Web-video, which certainly contains some of the material for the first 30-second TV spot.

It quotes Romney as saying of Ryan’s budget plan: “I think it would be marvelous if the Senate were to pick it up  and to adopt it.”

It speaks of cuts for the aging and disabled, cuts to Pell Grants, cuts “so dramatic, so painful,” coupled with a $3.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthiest

“I applaud it,” Romney is quoted as saying. “It’s an excellent piece of work.”

The Obama campaign’s first tactical response to Romney’s pick today focuses squarely on what Democrats will attempt to make of “America’s Comeback Team:” Painting Ryan as the architect of the pain that comes with the sort of tax cuts that Romney is proposing.

It also plays to a theme that Obama has been attempting to fashion in TV ads calling this a “choice” election.

His video, “The Choice,” has become the most-watched political video at YouTube — with more than 2 million viewings.

”With Romney and Ryan,” the new video clip today states, “the choice couldn’t be clearer.”

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