Romney’s ‘Re-Do:’ Obama-Rated `N’

Photograph by Luke Sharrett/The New York Times via Redux

Supporters at a campaign event with President Barack Obama at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, on Aug. 21, 2012.

President Barack Obama’s campaign doesn’t want to cede the spotlight this week, yet with Tropical Storm Isaac scuttling plans at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and elsewhere, Democrats have scurried to determine how best to get out their economic message out and defend the president’s record.

Sensitivity is key, particularly as Isaac is poised to hit New Orleans on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. But Democrats say they will take their cues from decisions being made by Republican Mitt Romney and his party on the ground in Tampa.

Priorities USA, the super-PAC supporting Obama, is ready to deploy a new on-air offensive. Bill Burton, who heads the group, wouldn’t provide details, but said the ad will air this week and called it “one of the better ones we’ve done so far.”

“It’s just important that Democrats will be on TVacting as surrogates and just making sure that people have a very clear sense of who Mitt Romney is and what he stands for, regardless of what he might say on the convention floor,” Burton said in an interview from the Bloomberg Link in Tampa.

Obama, for now, plans to launch a college tour that kicks off  Wednesday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The campaign also has deployed top surrogates including former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland on bus tours through Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

And the campaign also unveiled a new Web ad — with a mock movie preview trailer dubbing this week “Mitt Romney’s convention re-invention.” The production about Romney’s attempt to convince the country that his plan to “cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires on the backs of the middle class is a blockbuster” is rated “N” — for “Not Gonna Work.”


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