Ryan’s Nod: Loses Grill of Dreams

Did Mitt Romney cost Paul Ryan the barbecue of his dreams?

That just may be the case, according to one of Ryan’s House colleagues.

Representative Kevin McCarthy, one-third of the House Republican “Young Guns” — a trio that includes Ryan — recounted today that before Ryan was selected as Romney’s running mate, he mentioned a possible consolation prize if he were to be passed over.

McCarthy, recounting a meeting with Ryan before House members left Washington for the summer recess, explained: “He goes, `I have this barbecue that I really would like to buy, but it’s kind of expensive. I could put ribs on there, go away for six hours and then come back. My wife told me if I don’t get selected, I can go get that barbecue.”’

While McCarthy didn’t know the make or model of the grill, it does appear that Ryan’s selection to run as the No. 2 on the Republican ticket put a hold on his rib-making.

“When he gets selected in Virginia, he calls me that day and I ask him, `Can you still get the barbecue?”’ McCarthy told a group of reporters a couple of blocks away from the convention floor where Ryan will address the nation tomorrow.

Ryan’s response, according to McCarthy: “I can’t push my wife.”


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