Giuliani: Crist `Ambulance Chaser’

Photograph by Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani at the Republican National Convention.

Updated with response at 11:41 am Aug. 30

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani laughed when asked about former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s plan to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte, N.C. — Crist has announced his support for President Barack Obama.

“Charlie’s become an ambulance chaser now,” Giuliani said in an interview with Political Capital at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. “Maybe he’ll be asking people to bring their car accidents to him during the speech.”

Crist, who dropped his party affiliation in 2010 during his unsuccessful campaign for U.S. Senate, has been the public face of Orlando-based Morgan & Morgan, a personal injury law firm run by Democratic campaign financier John Morgan.

“If you need help sorting out your legal issues as a result of an accident or insurance dispute, visit me at,” Crist said in one TV ad for the firm.

Crist is responsible, also, for helping end Giuliani’s 2008 presidential campaign by endorsing Senator John McCain in the final days of Florida’s competitive 2008 primary election. McCain won that Florida primary with the aid of Crist’s eleventh-hour endorsement. Giuliani had been counting on that endorsement, and has been doing everything he can to return the favor, including a public endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio, winner of the 2010 Senate race. Rubio defeated Crist, who ran as an independent, and the Democratic candidate.

“It’s hilarious that the Democrats picked Charlie Crist to speak,” Giuliani said. “If this is the best they can do, it’s an indication that the Democratic Party doesn’t have much of a bench. If Charlie Crist is their bench, they’re in a lot of trouble.”

Crist, in an e-mail, declined to comment on Giuliani.


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