Romney Draws Small Share of Money from Party Primary Rivals’ Donors

Photograph by Brian Cahn/Zuma Press

Tim Pawlenty stumps for Mitt Romney at the opening of Romney's Las Vegas campaign headquarters.

Party unity?

Not in campaign contributions.

The Republican National Convention is a chance to bring together Republicans from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, and from Manhattan, New York, to Manhattan, Kansas, to gather around the party’s presidential nominee.

Also-rans have had some opportunities to address convention-goers, from Newt Gingrich hosting a series of seminars called Newt to Rick Santorum’s Tuesday evening address, and to exhort their supporters to rally around nominee Mitt Romney.

One place we  haven’t seen such unity is in campaign contributions.

Bloomberg Government made an analysis of itemized donors giving to all Republican candidates during the party’s primary election season.

Of the over quarter-million people who contributed amounts above the disclosure threshold — the $200-and-up contributions that require a donor’s identity — 56 percent donated to Romney. Which means more than four in 10 gave to someone else.

Romney has had varying levels of success among different groups of donors.

With Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out early in the process and quickly endorsed Romney,  20 percent of his donors gave to Romney. Texas Governor Rick Perry saw 16 percent of his donors give to Romney, Jon Huntsman 14 percent,  Gingrich just over 5 percent and Santorum 3 percent. Ron Paul’s supporters? Less than a quarter of one percent.

Specifically, the supports of other candidates who have money to Romney:

Santorum 3.47%

Perry 15.89%

Pawlenty 19.74%

Paul 0.25%

McCotter 9.46%

Huntsmen 13.68%

Gingrich 5.21%

Cain 9.41%

Bachmann 7.66%




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