Walker Calls for Romney to Put Meat on Budget

Photograph by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker poses for a photo during the Republican National Convention.

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin says Mitt Romney needs to be more specific in telling voters how he as president would deal with nation’s fiscal crisis.

“The more meat you can put on the bones, the better,” Walker said today at a Bloomberg/Washington Post breakfast at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Walker, who survived a recall election in his state in June, said Romney would not necessarily have to be bipartisan to achieve some of his goals. The Wisconsin governor said not all forms of bipartisanship are always good.

“Both parties, maybe one more than the other, have been part of the problem of ignoring the fiscal crisis we are facing in this country,” he said. “And if together, people work together and they pursue budgets, they pursue actions that defer those tough decisions, if both parties are doing it that’s bipartisan, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

Walker predicted Romney, 65, will win Wisconsin, a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since President Ronald Reagan carried it in his 1984 re-election against Democrat Walter Mondale, who won just one state, his native Minnesota.

The governor called on Romney to follow the model of his vice presidential running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, who has presented multiple plans to close the federal deficit in his role as the House Budget Committee chairman.

He said voters would “respect the transparency” and that he expects both Republican candidates will present more details in their convention speeches. Ryan speaks tonight, while Romney will make his address to the convention tomorrow.

If Romney were able to make Wisconsin competitive, it could make a major difference in the presidential race. Winning its 10 electoral votes and a Midwest state would provide him an easier path to the 270 needed to win.

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