Bain Meets Bane

Protests outside office buildings featuring oversized characters are not startling to midtown Manhattan workers on lunch break, but few combine the GOP presidential nominee and a summer blockbuster villain.

United NY, an organization that advocates for higher wages and has led previous protests against Bain Capital, staged a protest today at the corner of 57th Street and Madison Avenue, outside the New York office of the private equity firm founded by Mitt Romney.

A couple dozen protesters, passers-by and a clutch of reporters watched as a modified version of Batman archenemy Bane decried Romney and his former firm through a small speaker. “You’ll have an easier time finding the bat cave than where we stash our profits,” Bain/Bane intoned, before warning that it will be “a long dark night you’ll be facing if Romney gets elected.”

Applause and boos ensued. Once Bain/Bane stepped aside to be disassembled, protesters milled about in the Tampa-esque 80-degree sunshine, posing for pictures and chanting for the handful of television cameras. The protest was meant to “congratulate Romney” on his nomination on the day he’s scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech in Tampa, according to an email sent to reporters this morning about the event.

Romney’s Bain tenure has been used to both celebrate and rhetorically bludgeon the nominee. As he touts his record of job creation through deals like Staples, the Obama camp has made hay of job cuts and plant closures at failed deals including American Pad & Paper, and tying Romney’s wealth to his private equity past.

No word on whether the 13-foot monster will reprise his appearance.

Devin Banerjee contributed to this post

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