Paul Delegate: ‘Thumbs Up’ to ‘Underhanded’ Unseating Walk-Out

Photograph by Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

Delegates from the state of Maine and supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul chant 'As Maine goes, so goes the Nation' after they staged a walkout at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Ron Paul delegate Betty Jackson didn’t join yesterday’s Republican National Convention walkout by her fellow Paul supporters but “I gave them a thumbs up” because “I do understand their grievances” with the party establishment.

The 100 or so Paul delegates who walked out were protesting the unseating of delegates, including 10 from Maine. The effort to unseat delegates “was rather underhanded,” Jackson said.

Jackson, 57, who hasn’t decided whom she’ll vote for in the November election, said she would “love to hear” Mitt Romney say “we need to audit the Federal Reserve” she said in an interview. “I’d love to hear him say we need to end the Fed and the central banking system” and take the U.S. “back to sound money” yet “I am not anticipating that.”

While Romney has talked about reducing government regulation and spending to give business a freer hand to produce wealth, “I haven’t seen any real plans he’s come up with to do that,” she said. “He has not talked about corporatism: the vicious triangle between corporatists, the lobbyists and the politicians,” said Jackson, who makes upholstery for customer-built furniture.

Jackson said she didn’t listen to Representative Paul Ryan’s speech last night accepting the vice presidential nomination because she was out in the hallway talking to fellow delegates. “I am here to plant and water seeds of liberty and have conversations about why I am a Ron Paul Republican,” she said.

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