Romney, Ryan Not on the Buttons (Well, Just a Few of Them)

Photograph by Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Delegates enter the Romney-Ryan official store at the Republican National Convention.

The 2012 Republican National Convention, which ends today, is notable for its absence of political buttons.

No vendors selling them to delegates as they approach the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

No campaign marketplace.

About the only place to buy buttons — five different varieties in all — is the official campaign store inside the arena, and anyone buying those buttons must give his or her name, address and occupation to the cashier because those purchases are considered donations to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

That’s not to say that the delegations are buttonless.

Romney buttons are available on his campaign Web site and at rallies. Many state delegations sport their own buttons. And supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s failed presidential campaign aren’t shy about continuing to express their preferences.

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