Fox News: 36 pct of Convention View

Photograph by Jensen Sutta/Corbis

Fox News interview with Ronald Reagan's son Michael Reagan during the RNC in Tampa.

Who was watching Mitt Romney accept his party’s presidential nomination?

A lot of Fox News Channel viewers.

With about 25 million tuning in, more than 9 million punched Fox.

The ratings from Nielsen Media Research show 9.1 million tuning in to Fox for the final night of the Republican National Convention between 10 pm and 11 pm EDT  last night — the hour that actor-turned-director-turned improvisational political comedian Clint Eastwood, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Romney occupied.

For the third night running, Fox’s viewers outnumbered those of the other major cable and broadcast networks:  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC.

Fox’s audience was down just 2 percent from the final night of the 2008 convention, when running mate Sarah Palin was electrifying the Republican Party at the gathering in St. Paul that nominated Senator John McCain for president.

ABC News had 4,442,908,000 viewers in the big hour last night, down 26 percent from 2008.

NBC: 3,847,498 viewers , down 56 percent.

CBS: 3,729,691 viewers ,  down 30 percent.

CNN: 2,327,376 viewers , down 52 percent.

MSNBC: 1,876,459 viewers, down 25 percent.

Among the cable competitors, the peak viewership last night was registered in the 10:45 pm –11 pm quarter, when Romney was holding the stage in Tampa, with 9.4 million viewers tuned into Fox. MSNBC peaked at 2.5 million viewers from 11:15 to 11:30 pm. CNN peaked at 2.45 million viewers from 10:45 pm to 11 pm.

On Day Two of the convention, with running mate Paul Ryan on stage, Fox topped the ratings with 7.7 million viewers in the 10 pm — 11 pm hour, NBC followed with 4.1 million, ABC with 2.9 million, CBS 2.6 million, MSNBC 1.4 million and CNN 1.3 million.

On Day One, with Romney’s wife Ann and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie starring in Tampa, Fox led with 6.9 million viewers in that late hour of prime time, NBC followed with 4.8 million, CBS with 3.1 million, ABC 2.9 million, CNN 1.5 million, MSNBC: 1,.47 and 555,000 Adults 25-54.

Michael C. Bender contributed to this report. 

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