Many Voters Still Open to Arguments by Obama or Romney, Poll Shows

Photograph by Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg

Delegates at the Republican National Convention.

Poll numbers released released at the start of the Republican National Convention this week by ABC News and the Washington Post showed a majority of voters, 51 percent, with an unfavorable view pf the party’s presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. That attracted a fair amount of attention, since it was the first time since Democrat Walter Mondale in 1984 that the poll found more voters at the time of a convention viewing a party nominee unfavorably rather than favorably.

A deeper dive into the poll data, released today, found many of those voters open to changing their minds in the race between Romney and President Barack Obama. One-quarter of the survey sample indicated they were persuadable.

These voters tend to be less ideological, less rigid on their positions on issues and less committed to their candidate of choice.

“If you have some anxiety about the candidate and you’re looking for more information about both candidates, that’s a really good definition of the sort of voter that’s persuadable,” said pollster Gary Langer, who conducted the survey.

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