Unions, Trial Lawyers Take Charlotte

Photograph by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Charlotte police prepare for the 2012 Democratic National Convention continue.

Two of the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituencies, organized labor and trial lawyers, are among the groups setting up shop at the party’s convention in Charlotte this week.

The North Carolina AFL-CIO and the United Auto Workers will set up shop at tomorrow’s pre-convention festival.

Unions are among the largest financial backers of Democrats. While business interests have given 56 percent of their $1.5 billion in campaign donations to Republicans, unions have filled Democratic coffers with 89 percent of their $69.6 million in contributions, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based research group that tracks campaign donations.

Another major Democratic constituency, the trial lawyers, has activities scheduled in Charlotte was well.

The American Association for Justice has a reception planned Tuesday at the Capital Grille.

Congressional Republicans have proposed limiting how much patients of doctors who commit malpractice can collect in damages, insisting it will hold down health care costs. An October 2009 Congressional Budget Office report found that a $250,000 cap on awards for pain and suffering would reduce health costs by $54 billion over 10 years, or 0.5 percent of annual health-care spending at the time.

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