First Black President: The Buttons?

Photograph by Lucian Perkins/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Heather Knox, a Democratic delegate from South Dakota, with Obama buttons.

Jean Hervey stared at rows and rows of Obama campaign buttons at the Charlotte Convention Center and couldn’t find the one she wanted — a button that would signal the support of black voters for the first African-American president.

“You have buttons for everything from beach bums to bike riders, and they don’t have anything that says African-Americans for Obama,” said Hervey, who came from Plumerville, Arkansas. “They just don’t think.”

A sales clerk went looking for a button that would meet Hervey’s request.

“He’s got to dig for it,” said Hervey, who thinks Obama has been subject to“blatant racism” during his first term in office.“It’s a shame.”


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