Jimmy Carter Offered a President Sharing `Your Dreams:’ It’s Obama

The party would not have him in person.

But it would have him in video.

Jimmy Carter, the Democrat elected president in 1976, is addressing the 2012 Democratic National Convention by video.

“I said then that America needs a president who shared your dreams,” Carter recalls of his nomination and election at the nation’s bicentennial, adding: “We have just such a leader in the White House.”

Carter has kept his distance from a convention which, ironically, is being staged in the Old South that the Georgian calls home — in Charlotte, North Carolina. And Carter was the last Democrat who won North Carolina’s vote for president — before President Barack Obama won it in 2008.

Now, Republican Mitt Romney is making Carter the whipping boy in a contest with Obama, with the Republican Party producing an ad that attempts to tie the two to one another.



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