Larry Kissell: Your Car is Waiting

Photograph by Rep. Larry Kissell/AP Photo

Rep. Larry Kissell

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a message for Democratic National Convention-skipper Larry Kissell: We’ll pick you up.

The House Republican campaign group’s latest attempt to call attention to the two-term Democratic lawmaker’s decision not to attend his party’s convention — even though his congressional district is within 10 miles of the Bank of America stadium where President Barack Obama plans to speak Thursday night — came in an e-mail blast to reporters this morning entitled: “Hi Larry Kissell, your Uber is en route.”

Last night, NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison tweeted to Kissell that he’d “be happy to pay for the quick ride over!” Uber, a car service that operates in Washington, D.C., and other major cities, has launched services this week in Charlotte for the convention.

Kissell is just one of a number of Democrats and Republicans in tough races this year who have opted to skip the parties’ nominating conventions.

However, Kissell’s proximity to the event has drawn him extra attention.

Kissell’s opponent, consultant Richard Hudson, is a member of the NRCC’s  “Young Guns” program for top-tier candidates.


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