2016: Bush-Clinton on Their Minds

Photograph by Nicholas Merrill/U.S. State Department via Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, watches her husband Bill Clinton during her visit to the Island of East Timor, Indonesia.

Something’s been on the minds of a lot of people at the 2012 conventions:


In Tampa, it was the thought of the campaign played forward to another cycle, an election in which a retiring second-term Barack Obama would be leaving an open field for the White House.

Enter Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, son and brother of presidents, reticent about making any more bids of his own for elective office, yet clearly one of the Republicans’ best-suited to regain a centrist while conservative direction for his party.

In Charlotte, it was the thought of the woman watching events last night from afar:

Enter Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state who challenged Obama for their party’s presidential nomination in 2008.

On stage at the Democratic National Convention last night, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren praised Clinton as “the coolest woman” anywhere. On stage last night, Bill Clinton noted that, after all the fights of the past election, Obama had made many of his adversaries Cabinet members — “heck, he even appointed Hillary.” She was away on the government’s business last night — in Indonesia, that place where the president spent part of his boyhood –watching her husband’s improvised yet scripted speech for 48 minutes in a remote time-zone. She has logged more than 100 countries.

Bush is in private business now. Hillary Clinton is soon to be — one way or the other. With Obama’s re-election, she would be ready to retire from State. With Obama’s loss, Republican Mitt Romney would take care of that for her.

Yet, 2016, that’s another story: Bush-Clinton?

What a race.

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