Sun-Check: Stadium Tickets Switch to Convention-Watching Party

Hudnreds of volunteers who held community tickets to see President Barack Obama address the Democratic National Convention at an outdoor stadium lined up to see him at a different venue.

The threat of violent thunderstorms forced organizers to move the president’s speech indoors to the Time Warner Cable Arena. Obama addressed disappointed stadium ticketholders earlier today in a conference call.

And now the sun is out.

Tonight thousands are lined up — under clear skies — to attend a watch party several blocks from the convention hall in the Charlotte Convention Center. Democratic officials organized it.

Olivia Williams, a volunteer who had a stadium ticket, said she wasn”t dismayed that the cancellation may prove unnecessary.

“Better safe than sorry,” said Williams, who lives in Belmont, North Carolina and works in Charlotte. “I was going to be a part of it no matter where I see” the speech, she said.



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